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The birth of blockchain technology,Let us see a glimpse of the "The Republic."
   GCA, The inheritor of "The Republic”   
Global Digital Asset Management Group
GCA Group Profile

Cayman group company registration
GCA Group, founded in 2019 in the Cayman Islands, one of the world's four largest offshore financial centres, is a global digital asset management integrated group driven by Blockchain technology with the focus on finance. GCA owns the Australian DCE (Digital Currency Exchange service) Blockchain digital asset management license and the US MSB (Monetary Service Business) financial license, and has a Cayman Fund license, which enable GCA to engage in digital asset integration services worldwide.
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GCA Fund
GCA Fund was established in the Cayman Islands with a compliance fund license (GIIN: HRHAT3.99999.SL.136) and is fully responsible for the management and operation of the GCA project. All users of GCA Fund jointly manage the development direction and reserve assets of the GCA project, committed to promoting GCA's global business development. Based on the financial attributes of the Cayman Fund, GCA can achieve a global investment layout. No matter in the United States, Europe, and Australia, GCA can conduct all investment types in more than 100 financial centers from more than 20 countries (including the market in China).
GCA’s “The Republic”
Commercial Sectors
The application of GCA ecology in real life will continue to explore the potential value of Blockchain and Internet development. Apply increasingly mature Blockchain technology to continuously develop new business applications, and address the unfairness of a centralized business environment, so as to make a more equitable business ecosystem based on GCA.

01 Digital Asset Management
02 Arbitrage Trading

Arbitrage transactions include: combination arbitrage, contract arbitrage, hedge arbitrage and other asset trading transactions. GCA Group has assembled the world's top asset arbitrage trading team, each of which has experienced trading experience in foreign exchange, futures and digital asset contracts. The professional trading team will make decision-making reference based on the rich operating experience and the running results of the data model. It has the characteristics of discipline, systematicness, arbitrage, and probability to win, which obtain rich returns for trading arbitrage.
03 Convenient Payment
In the future, we can use the platform to purchase the products and services needed in our daily life, and all the consumption will receive corresponding points so as to redeem the products or pass the certificates.
04 Social Software
GCA's "Encryption + Social" software is added with the core encryption function. User's information will be stored in encrypted form on the network node to form a distributed cloud. Based on the Blockchain technology, only the person owning the key has the right to view it, which, in the true sense, protects the privacy of users.

05 DAPP Game
In the future, GCA will develop various social games based on the Blockchain, such as gambling, chess, fishing machines, etc. Users can gain huge profits in the game through the token, making game play a new way to make money.

06 Public Chain Ecology
The key to the Blockchain technology lies in the application and ecology of public chain technology. In the future, GCA will build its own underlying public chain. The token will be issued based on the public chain, and various commercial applications will be developed around the public chain. Global companies can develop their own DAPP based on the GCA public chain, and the value circulation in all public chain ecosystems can be conducted based on GCA token.

07 Digital Asset Finance
GCA provides financial derivatives services such as multi-dimensional digital asset wealth trusteeship for global users with wallets and digital financial products as the main products and with OTC, C2C and market demonstration as the additional functions, guaranteeing the user property security from strength, technology and capital aspects.

Arbitrage Team
The quantitative services of GCA platform support more than 40 Blockchain exchanges around the world, highly customizable quantitative strategies, and has extensive experience and stable results in global trading arbitrage. The GCA arbitrage service is supported by three top teams, which not only fully meets the investment needs of users, but also maximizes the security of user funds.

The user's principal is stored in its own account, and it is safe and convenient to conduct quantitative investment without hosting, transfer, or off hand.
GCA History
Hope Gate Plans
A good ecosphere cannot be built without the joint efforts of projects and users. The more projects and users there are, the more perfect and huge the ecosphere will be, and the profits will be multiplied. GCA has launched the "hope gate" program, which aims to accept more high-quality digital asset projects and users, as well as provide help to many projects and users that cannot continue to operate, giving them new hope, making them join GCA and contribute to the construction of GCA's global ecology together with us.

The outstanding core of GCA's ecology which distinguish from others is that GCA is a gigantic and inclusive ecosystem which can be perfectly integrated with other projects, other digital currencies, and other users. These three are harmonious and symbiotic and can achieve mutual benefit and win-win result in the GCA ecosystem, thus building a strongly inclusive digital asset ecosystem together.
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